Paul Stopforth

Anderson Gallery
August 27 - October 15, 2018


The formal aspects of my work have undergone significant changes that correspond to increasingly sophisticated technical insights into the use and manipulation of gouache and color. I have slowly suspended the narrative context of my search for meaning in favor of pictorial structures that emphasize the use of color.

This search for structures that would embody my increasing engagement with color, led me to discover that I live in an environment that contains an abundance of trees, and this has been a shape revealing revelation. The importance of varied and complex figure/ground relationships suspended in fields of variegated color, constitute a search for beauty and mystery which is the purpose of this work.

To explore the Paul Stopforth paintings that are in the University collection, please follow this link.

For further reading on the work of Paul Stopforth; the Anderson gallery has published a catalogue that is a great overview of this artist life-time work. Titled Bethesda, Breakwater, Bridgewater; written by Jonathan Shirland, Associate Professor of Art History.