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Ann Brauer

Color on Texture
February 26 - March 25, 2020

Boyden Hall

Ashleigh Gusman

Nailed It!
January -April, 2020


Recent Gifts

January - March 27, 2020
Second Floor Lounge

Mary Dondero

January - March 27, 2020
Third Floor

The Ellen Farren Collection

Maxwell Library, 3rd. floor
July - March 2020

DMF Science and Mathematics

Visions of the Future

Travel the Solar System

Moakley Center

Cardroom - Reinvention Issue #1

Katie Bullied, Editor
Curated by Charlotte Heardon
Artchive - Student Art Collective
May - January 2020

The Wellness Center at Weygand Hall

Travis Bedel

October 2018 - December 2020




(l-r) Dr. Wallace L. Anderson, Prof. Robert Barnett, Pres. Adrian Rondileau



The Anderson Gallery is Closed during the COVID-19 outbreak, be safe!



Elean Murphy

Elena Murphy

Virtual Exhibition, M.Ed thesis

I have created an installation titled The 4th Trimester; it’s an honest telling of my own experience with maternity.


Color on Texture

Ann Brauer
Anderson Gallery
February 26 - March 25, 2020

Since I can remember, I have always loved working with color and fabric. I am a self-taught quilt maker who creates abstract landscapes by piecing and sewing thin strips of cotton fabric through the cotton batting onto the back.


Mary Dondero

Maxwell Library, 3rd. Floor
January 27 - March 27, 2020

My work is an effort to express ideas and feelings regarding the constant state of impermanence in which we live. My source of inspiration is derived from exploring natural environments as well as contemplating concepts regarding our connections to a place.


Recent Gifts

Maxwell Library, 2nd. Floor
January 27 - March 27, 2020

This exhibition highlights a selections of paintings, prints and photographs recently donated to the university. Mr. Laurence and Katherine Doherty have been long term supporters of the arts at BSU and will be represented with works created by Russian artists. Professor Emeritus Roger Dunn has generously donated a large group of works focusing on Donald Stoltenberg and numerous other regional artists.


Nailed It!

Ashleigh Gusman
Boyden Cases
January - April, 2020

Photographs from the Royale Boston Night Club.

Farren Collection

The Ellen P. Farren Collection

Maxwell Library 3rd. floor
July - January 2020

An exhibition highlighting the recent gift of contemporary Japanese woodcuts donated to the university by Ms. Ellen P. Farren.


BSU Bears

Across the BSU Campus
In collaboration with Street Theory, Boston
2019 - 2020

New bears have been painted and placed across the campus. Kayla Dacosta is the first BSU student to participate in this ongoing project.


Recent Gifts


Mountain Ash
Lyia Ratner
Donated by Laurence and Katherine Doherty

Boot Mill - Lowell
Donald Stoltenberg
Donated by Roger T. Dunn and Howard John Stapf


The Visitor
Shiko Munakata
Donated by Ellen P. Farren

Greg Wyatt
Donated by the artist


Paul Stopforth
Donated by the artist


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