Student Showcase


The Anderson gallery supports numerous exhibitions, installations, and pop-up spaces where Art and Art History students can showcase their creative output. Throughout the school year, these spaces come alive with student work that demonstrates the impressive diversity of critical and creative expression found throughout the student work at BSU.


Jonathan Fleming

I Think Life’s Alright:
Incorporating Your Personal Story Makes You a Better Storyteller

For as long as I can remember, I have consciously recognized my ability to tell stories. Ever since I could pick up a pencil, I have been writing and drawing. As I got older, I consumed every resource I could on proper storytelling, and it is here where I noticed that the best storytellers in the world are all talking about the same thing - Incorporating your personal story makes you a better storyteller. By incorporating personal experiences into stories, what the creator finds interesting about themselves becomes an outlet to help make stories more interesting for the audience.


Samantha Cushman

Invasive & Native Flora:
A Creative Exploration

Native and Invasive Flora is an art installation inspired by my concern regarding invasive plants and their impact on native flora found in Massachusetts. Native plants included are Goldenseal, Purple Milkweed, Showy Lady’s Slipper, and Braun’s Holly-Fern, which are considered endangered in Massachusetts. Other common species such as Red Columbine, Anemone, and Carolina Rose are also showcased.


Nicol M. DaSilva

Colors of Brazil

My abstract paintings is an expression of how my emotions and feelings were happening at the time. My source of the inspiration is from the family vacation I had in Brazil. Seeing the beauty of the Island Ilha Bella, Sao Paulo; made me see the world in a more colorful/vibrant way

Elizabeth Houston

Gerald Schifone


Plastic appears so innocuous as it is everywhere in our daily lives dominating all other materials, but it is really a pernicious snake that could very well be the cause of extinction. It was for this reason I feel the need to explore this material and force a different view of it to the public eye.

Jane Zell

Brenda Roveda

Ones and Zeros

I create wheel-thrown forms inspired by historic pottery from around the world which I draw upon for their rich history of ceramic art and their use of ornate patterns and symbolism. The juxtaposition of the contemporary semiotics on the surface of the old-world forms represents my inner conflict with our use of technology to communicate.

Elean Murphy

Ryan Mehigan

This Light Is Not My Own

This Light Is Not My Own is an investigation into detoumement, authorial intent, and activated spectatorship. The body of work presented is composed through the detournement of visual fragments that cross my path, from magazines, newspapers, and mail order catalogs, to television, video, and the vastness of the internet.

Elean Murphy

Valerie Anselme

Flawed Beauty

In our society perfection in beauty, for men and women is almost a must. It’s what we see each day on TV, news stands, and in social media. It’s important that we learn to love what is ours.