Locker Room

Nathan Vincent

Anderson Gallery - September 3 - October 10/2013


The work of Nathan Vincent explores gender permissions and the challenges that arise from straying from the prescribed norms. It questions the qualities of gender by considering what constitutes masculine and feminine. It critiques stereotypical gender mediums by creating "masculine objects" using "feminine processes" such as crochet, sewing, and appliqué.

Many of the objects that Nathan has created are inspired by growing up in an ultra-masculine environment. The men that the artist has known spent much of their time in the garage with tools getting greasy and doing the heavy duty lawn work. They watched Sunday afternoon football on their recliners with the remote in hand. Body-builders and hunters are key parts of the social symbolism that epitomizes masculinity. By crocheting the objects that are linked to these masculine ideals, the artist breaks down the barriers of traditional gender permissions. The objects are no longer rough and manly, but soft and inviting. They evoke the feminine. The non-traditional sculpting process of crochet allows Nathan to draw attention to the sources, motivations and meanings around the challenge of defining gender identities in todays society.

This installation includes the ‘Large Doilies’ series which includes the ‘The Rock’-Dwayne and ‘The Oak’-Arnold.

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