Greg and Fay Wyatt Sculpture Garden

The Greg and Fay Wyatt Sculpture Garden, located on the eastern side of Maxwell Library, is complete.

Wyatt Garden

A dozen bas-relief sculptures by Mr. Wyatt have been added, courtesy of the Newington-Cropsey Foundation. They surround a large sculpture of the ballet legend and actor Mikhail Barysnikkov created Mr. Wyatt and installed in 2017. It was also donated to BSU by the foundation. Plans call for the installation of two more goddesses that will join Mazu,a Chinese goddess of the sea of Fujianese origin and Ganga,Hindu goddess of the Ganges. The addition of Salacia,Roman goddess of the sea and salt water and Anuket, Egyptian goddess of the Nile will complete the garden.

Three species of trees, River Birch, Moonglow Magnolia and American Yellowwood, have been planted in the garden, each selected for its texture and, in some cases, close affiliation to the water goddesses. With its mix of art, literature and nature, the garden provides a thoughtful oasis at the heart of the campus.



Greg Wyatt’s sculptural compositions that represent these goddesses integrate classical technique with innovative figurization. Each of the four figures in the works are a reminder of the Academic tradition of sculpture: from Ancient Greece and Rome to the Italian Renaissance, the postures, costumes and bodies of these figures beckon to the ancient traditions of historical masters.These particular sculptures, in conjunction with the sculptural representation through the material figurization, represent a connection between ancient and modern worlds. Each of the four goddesses are compositionally outfitted with symbolic image representations of traditional attributes that they are associated with.

Download the complete list of poems and images for the bas-relief "Poetry and Dance" series